Do I have to pay to show my work on Full Circle Images?
No. Not a penny. We host your work for you and cover the costs of that. Once you’ve let us know you want to exhibit on the site, we’ll set you up your own gallery and you’ll be up and running in no time.

How will my work be sold?
Visitors to the site (increasing all the time), can browse your gallery and choose to buy any item they like. They are able to place their order and pay for it directly from the site. We will then pass the order to you for dispatch and pay you for the work. A small percentage is deducted (usually 20%) which goes towards the running of the Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire Volunteer Centre.

Who will buy my work?
Obviously we cannot say how popular your work will be, but potentially anyone in the world will see your work and have the option to buy it.

Will I be surrendering my copyright to you?
Not at all. You retain the copyright over your work. We don’t own it, just help you sell it!

I don’t really have any technical skills, is that a problem?
No. If you can send an email, then you can be one of our artists. We’ll do all the fiddly bits when we receive your work in a digital format. You can add new pieces or remove old pieces, sending us a simple email request.

How much will my work cost?
That’s really up to you. We can advise you on the average price of pieces, but it’s for you to decide how much people will be happy to pay for your pieces.

I have some other questions.
No problem. You can contact us on 01246 276 777 or email info@chesterfieldvc.org.uk